Leo Fender crafted guitar amplifier masterpieces without the assistance of computers, software or the Internet... In 1959 "graphical methods" meant drawing Bode plots with a pencil and ruler... Times have changed. ● Master the basics ● Design your amp ● Know it works Amp Design for the 21st Century

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Visualizing Basic Concepts

Electric Charge and Electric Current
Is plate current measured in "milliamps" or "milliamperes?" You decide!

Work, Voltage, and Power
How much work is required to carry a Twin Reverb around the block? The answer may surprise you!

How Vacuum Tube Triodes Work
Thomas Alva Edison was working to improve the incandescent light bulb and made a shocking discovery even he could not explain!
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How Vacuum Tube Pentodes Work
The truth revealed! Why most designers prefer triodes for their preamps but insist on multi-grids when they need raw power.

Georg Simon Ohm's Law
"According to Ohm's Law" is the most ubiquitous phrase in electronics today - find out why!

The Voltage Divider
Divide and conquer! A simple solution for inter-stage coupling, volume controls, feedback loops, tone stacks, attenuators, and so much more!
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The Current Divider
Add this to your toolbox! Insiders say it holds the key to unraveling the truth about Marshall JCM 800 grid-stopper resistors.

Gustav Robert Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
With one simple loop you can determine the DC grid bias for the Ampeg B-42-X first stage - we show you how!
Loop 1 RG RK G K

Gustav Robert Kirchhoff's Current Law
Trapped in a bunch of loops? Try nodes instead!

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